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Seriously tho, regarding this post from tumblr user acnana that talks about having an Animal Crossing game where your town goes into a spirit world and you have “cute bat and ghost villagers you can interact with.”

This cute game (that already exists) has basically all of that AND MORE.

You are an aspiring wizard going to magic school in this game. You have a dorm that you can decorate and you can fish and collect bugs and decorate the garden in your dorm building and you can actually cast spells and stuff! PLUS once a month your town enters ~mystery time~ where you can have special magic lessons and catch exclusive bugs and fish and the day after, a guest will come to your town and you get to solve a quest. 

You can also date the villagers!

It’s comparative to AC:WW and unfortunately we will probably never get to see any of its sequels - like the hit game Magician’s Quest: Town of Magic which has a shopping mall as well as new spells and villagers plus you can also open up your own store.

Here’s pics from that one:






Basically I just REEEEALLY wish the new one would be localized!


I always love when this pixel art pops up on my dash.

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Zack and Miri Make a Porno (2008)

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