Animals With Unusual Fur Markings [bp]

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hitler cat and dick dog…

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I was born in a box car
Color-blind, pigeon toed, pock-marked
Twisted figure, broken heart
They’d fixed up with monkey parts

I was born in a four story roach motel

With floor to ceiling agitations
Wooden blocks and basic distaste for anything else

I was raised by a pack of wolves
Nursed in our nations capital
Taught to hunt and gather food
Howl at the moon in the reflecting pool

I was raised by a slow jam
Two grizzlies for a mother who cared
Six packs of ramen, nostradamus paranoia affair

I fell in love with the flim-flammer
Charming con-artist, sexy counterfeiter
Pretty grifter, hidden ace switch making quick fingers

I fell in love with the most beautiful vulture
She picked away my flesh, I’m left with skeletons
Welcome worn and tearing through like soldiers

And she gave birth to my only son
A smoking gun
Blue eyed, block chip
On the first warm day to end the ice age prospect

And she gave birth to a lion-cub
It’s followed me for years now
I’m leaning by the A’s so I don’t peak
I know it’s chewing on my fingers while I sleep
I know it’s stupid but it keeps without a leash
And I’ve been trying to set it loose
It seems it’s freedom stripping me
So I treat it like what it is
I lay these eggshells to remember to be careful

You can find a swarm where the stingers hold back
You can find a warm spot in a cold snap

If you don’t scratch when the itches make you hair stand tall
It may shake you but you won’t fall

Justice can sleep for centuries
To wake when it’s least expected
I never seen miraculous deeds
Fall on those who expect them

Life ain’t a dream it’s just a string of jokes
All connected
There’s something beautiful to me
In the act of making your own death bed

(Source: cinematographiliac)




i know a lot of people have problems with people overfeeding their fish while they’re away, but has anyone tried using one of those weekly pill divider things?


that way you can dish out exactly how much your fish need

This was totally my thought! Man I HOPE it would be idiot proof…

Though personally I never intend to leave my fish in anyone else’s hands - I don’t trust my family as far as I can throw them